The R.C. Hotel Corfu a personal view.

For a couple of years I had been wondering about this holiday and had made attempts to find a flight out to Corfu but without success so as I went there this year. I thought you might be wondering how I got on.

I have never seen a bad report on the internet, so I wondered was it all to good to be true. To save you skipping to the end first I will answer three questions for you first. Did I enjoy it?   Yes. Would I go back there? Yes. Am I going back there? Yes when I know what my holidays will be next year.First of all I must point out that the hotel we stayed at will not be used again as a brand new purpose built site with swimming pool etc is being constructed and will be ready for the new season. It is in its own huge grounds. I also went near to the end of the season and the weather was about 75f or 23c which is comfortable. We had no rain and virtually no wind . You have the choice of flying every day with fuel included or on a daily basis and presumably you buy a gallon and use it yourself. It is better to take the first option as you fly from 9 til 1 and resume again about 4.30 til dark. This may vary with the time of year and new site. You have to be assessed initially for safety reasons and so it was that I was given a trainer to fly on a buddy lead. I asked if I could check my controls first and was told "TRUST ME" and so I was asked to take off and do low passes from ether direction and then land it I opened the throttle and kept it straight down the runway applied elevator and then right aileron to miss the hotel and fence.
The plane spun over to the left and ploughed into the grass. "Oh dear" I thought and sheepishly asked whether my ailerons were reversed. Fortunately they were reversed but my confidence had taken a knock .I was not told I needed to be be re-assessed and then had the choice of a large number of planes of all types to choose from.

Later on Spiros joined us and I told him that I could fly a Shock Flyer but understood that because they are fragile it was not for general use. I told him I could not make it hover and so he showed me how it is done. I was amazed at the 4 channel constant input required to do this and seriously doubted my ability to achieve this. He then landed the plane handed me his transmitter and said enjoy the rest of the flight and walked away. At this point I was on a cloud with my confidence right up there. After all what could possibly go wrong? Imagine my embarrassment when 2 minutes later I was walking back into the workshop with the plane neatly broken in half across the fuselage. When you fly with these you set the timer to avoid being caught out when the BEC cuts in as they don't glide. He simply asked me to swop the motor over to another one and called it quits .Surley nothing else could go wrong the carnage was mounting and it was still my first day?. Unfortunately Mr Sod had not quite finished with me and "trust me" Joe was flying a nice easy firebird and asked if any one wanted a go. No one moved and my wife knowing I had struggled, volunteered me to take over. Oh dear I throttled it back and it dropped like a stone onto the end of the runway. I had no excuses left and I muttered pilot error and sheepishly sat down. At this point Joe went into the workshop and came out with a badge with SH## HAPPENS written on it and put it round my neck with the instructions to wear it until I had redeemed myself.
From this point on the holiday went brilliantly and during the evening meal Spiros asks if any one wants to go out the next day and for a modest fee we are dropped off in his Mini Bus and picked back up at an agreed time later and then of course its back to the serious business of flying till dark.
He proudly showed us his new premises under construction and I cant wait to try it out. The concept is brilliant. Everybody is on first name terms with each other and we were the only ones who had not been at least several times before. Surely this says it all Some people did not fly they were happy to keep up with the repairing and just soak up the atmosphere. Towards the end of the holiday Joe did not have any one who needed instruction so imagine my horror/surprise when he said come on Roy lets fly Helicoptors. I protested that I did not have a clue about them to which he replied "Perfect" and so it came to pass that I was given one stick movement at a time until I could keep it steady enough in a hover. What else can I say?. When the time came to leave he called all his staff out and each one gave us an appropriate hug and handshake we knew all their names by now it was like leaving a family behind. I hope this article has not dragged on too much It was the only way to give an insight into the holiday. For finding a flight I used and I believe Spiros has a contact in the UK who will arrange the whole package for you Just go there

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