Hi and welcome to my page, Graham's Top Tips, within these pages I have compiled some of the most common aerobatic manoeuvres that the current pilots are performing today. Many people often ask me how I perform some of these moves, so with the help of Bill (our webmaster) who has kindly set this page up for me, I aim to describe and show via the use of video exactly how to perform these manoeuvres, they range from the most common club moves such as the loop and rolls, to the advanced 3D moves you see more and more show pilots performing on the flight line now such as rolling harriers and prop hanging.  I am always up for suggestions and to try new things out, and I am always willing to help out in any way I can whether that be to teach a new member or to test fly a model or to teach another member some more testing manoeuvres that I describe here. If you want to know how to do a manoeuvre then please either email Bill, or for a quicker, direct response email myself:   Have a look at the information about on here and I hope you find it of some use, it will be getting updated all the time and if you are still struggling then catch me down the field and ask for some help, I don't bite, honest! 
Best of Luck and Safe Landings  Graham

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Top Tips by Graham Roscoe

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