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Built my first model aeroplane when I was seven years old. An all sheet glider called Condor. Was absolutely amazed when it actually flew. Quickly moved onto Keilkraft Kits, The Magpie was my first foray into tissue and dope and by the age of ten had my first engine, an AM 10. When I was twelve I met Frank Dowling who introduced me to the wonders of control line and from then on was hooked into combat and team race. We formed a team and started doing local competitions using Enya 19 engines and Rogue airframes.
I can well remember our first Nats. It was at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire sometime in the late 50s. It was here I saw my first radio control job, Bang Bang radio (with valves) and McCoy 35 engine, heady stuff in those days but some of you may recall the top flyers at the time. Frank Van Den Burgh. (Radio). Brian Horrocks (stunt). Ken long (team race) to name a few. It was about this time I came to know people like George Copeman (engines) and Pete Tribe (combat). The top models around were Smog Hog. Peacemaker. Nobler. And the engines to die for were Copeman Oliver Tiger and Super Tigre G15s. Remember these. During the 60s we had some reasonable success in combat, winning a number of major competitions both here and abroad. A newfound interest in motorbikes meant we could travel further afield, but riding to the Nats was not easy with your model tied to your back. We had successes at Woodford, Ternhill, Hullavington to name a few and even made the front cover of "Aeromodeller"...(.fame at last). By the seventies I had started doing a little full size flying, Cessna 150s, Cherokees etc but was finding the cost very high. Luckily, my friend bought a share in a Reims Cardinal RG and we had many happy flights in this from Speke.



The late 70s and early 80s I was preoccupied with a new family and renovating my 17 century farmhouse so my hobbies took a back seat for a while, but was lucky enough to fly in Concord in 1980. To be on the flight deck at twice the speed of sound at 12 miles high was an experience I shall remember forever

By the mid 80s I was back into bikes and now R/C aircraft. Both had changed dramatically. The motorbikes were now unbelievably fast, and R/C had gone digital and proportional. It was at this time I joined WRCFS and shortly after was elected to committee, first as treasurer and later as chairman. I was flying about five or six times a week at this time and practically lived down at the strip. It cost me more for glow fuel than petrol for my car! After becoming an approved instructor & examiner, my interest turned to F3A aerobatics and I won a modicum of GBRCAA events around the country, even managing four bronze and a silver medal at the British Championships I still hankered after some form of full sized flying but without the high cost.
I tried gliding which I loved, but found I wasn't getting the airtime I wanted. I drifted towards microlights as a number of friend were now into this. It is a reasonably cheap form of aviation but a little boring once the initial novelty wears off. I had seen some paragliding in Spain and thought I would give it a go. I have now been mountain paragliding for some five years and find it the most exciting and purest form of flying there is. No other form of aviation even comes close to the freedom and buzz it gives me. I have been lucky to fly in some wonderful places including The Alps. Spain. Turkey. France and Italy as well as some super places around the UK. I hope the next generation of modellers have as much fun, and make as many friends as I have over the years. It's a great sport and a great club, look after them! .... Happy flying.
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