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I am currently in my final year at Calday Grange Grammar School studying for my GCSE's, but flying is still a big part of my life. As all the usual members will know I am down more often than I am not, and seem to spend loads of time down the field and I am always willing to try and practise new manoeuvres.
I started flying at the age of 13 and passed my A certificate on the 4th of September 2004 and have had a passion for aviation ever since. After passing my A I wanted to challenge myself and so decided that aerobatics would be my route of flying, rather than scale, so soon moved on to my first pattern ship (a DSM Excelsior 177) which looks awful in comparison to what I fly now! On the 19th of November 2005 after a few set backs I finally passed my B certificate with a world models Tai-Ji 60 after the demise of the Excelsior.
I realised that as well as flying I would really like to give something back to the hobby and so before I passed my B certificate I became a club instructor on the 22nd of July 2005. As the fellow members will know I am always up for trying something new and have always wanted to challenge myself and progress further and further, and now 3 years on I still love a challenge and am beginning to discover what I can really do when given a model (you will very rarely see a model in the straight and level position when I have control of it and for that matter it usually isn't very high either!) I am becoming increasingly interested in the 3D style of flying, but I also like to fly pattern and precision aerobatics, but in my opinion the lower the better! I am thankful to many people who have helped me over the years in this hobby and still continue to help, in particular Colin Martin.
I find it great when people have the confidence in me and my ability to ask me to test fly or just fly their models, and I appreciate the trust they have and respect them for that. Hopefully after my exams are over I will begin to compete both in F3A aerobatics and IMAC aerobatics, but you will still see me down at the field usually every weekend, rain or shine! I aspire to fly large scale models in the future, hopefully 2.6m or possibly even 3m models eventually, but look out for my new Comp-Arf 2.3m Fully Composite Extra 330L which I hope to have down the field this summer.
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