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I have been flying now for almost 18 months and love every minute of it! If it wasn't for work and the girlfriend I would be flying every night whatever the weather. Ever since i was a boy i had always been interested in R/C models, cars never really gave me an interest, I always wanted to fly helicopters. I try to go down to the field as often as i can, they are a great set of lads down at the field who are very helpful if you have any problems. I'm now 26 and this is my 3rd helicopter, My first was a Hirobo Shuttle, it was great to start learning but as i improved my flying, i had to improve my helicopter. My 2nd was a raptor 30 - what a difference! Much smoother and more powerful. But i took the big gamble to buy myself a scale heli, I had always wanted a scale heli ever since i started flying so i gave it a go, I have had my Police scale heli for around 12 months now and it is a lovely heli to fly, I have installed strobe landing lights to it now plus i managed to get the Searchlight to work. Many of you would have seen my heli down at Arrowe Park. This is a great hobby to get into, and it's a great club to join. Everyone here is very friendly and willing to help. My thanks go to Derek Roger, it was Derek who helped me improve to the pilot i am today, he's a great heli pilot and is a close friend to anyone down at the field.
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