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I started flying age 11 on my dad's trainer and went solo within a few weeks. I am now married and just into my forties. I work in ceramic research engineering which I have done for most of my career with the exception of a brief diversion into the model trade. I have served on the committee in a number of posts during my years with the club and have been an instructor for fixed wing and helicopters for many years. I qualified as a fixed wing examiner in 1986. I have designed and built a number of models including scale types competing at local and national level competitions with best results at the Woodvale Rally in International Scale during the early nineties. I also competed in both scale aerobatics and F3A with a 3rd place in the National Championships in 1998. I have also been lucky enough to fly at a number of model air shows including Weston Park, Eastnor Castle, Cosford and Southport with some trade associations. I started flying helicopters in 2000 after an initial dabble some years earlier and went on to qualify as an examiner in 2002. My interests cover a broad spectrum of the hobby and I get as much enjoyment from building as I do from flying and always have a number of projects on the go. I find myself always returning to scale although I still enjoy flying aerobatics which probably explains my liking for Pitts Specials.
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