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Born Birkenhead, attended Hamilton Secondary School. After leaving school started apprenticeship as an electrician with James McKenzies in Oxton Road Birkenhead



First interest in aeromodelling was instilled by an uncle of mine. He lived in Walsall, and during his weekend visits to my Grandmothers he would build dope and tissue covered rubber powered models.On one of my visits to my relations in Walsall that I heard there was an aeromodle club near to where they lived. It was the Greenacres club. They fly in a council owned field called the Airport. During the war it was used to station Spitfires. I visited them a few times and eventually joined ther club. Just like most of the modellers you meet they are a helpful and friendly bunch. One of them was Rob Rowlands. Rob who flew for us at the Duke of Westminsters event, has now married and settled down in Florida.

In 1960 I built my first model, it was a Kielcraft Grebe glider, which during it's first flight found the trees in Birkenhead Park more robust. A Dolphin glider quickly followed the same fate. This ended my interest in aeromodelling for some time.
It was not till many years later that I built another model aeroplane. It was a Precedent High Boy trainer for my eldest son Alan. He was 14 years old and joined the WRCFS in 1988, and with the help of past members like John Hogarth and Jim Green he quickly got the hang of it and achieved his "A" in no time at all. My favourite memory from those days is when Alan's Galaxy Models Magician went dead stick and ended up in the trees. Brian Dillon gave me the tree man's phone No, so I made the call and arranged to meet him a couple of days later. The look on Alan's face was a picture when the tree man brought down the undamaged plane. It was nearly 12 months later that I joined, achieving my "A" in 1991. At present I am the acting web master, and in the past I have been competition secretary. I found the role very time consuming but events like the charity shows for the McMillanTrust run in the Duke of Westminster's estate near Chester and the one at Leverhulmes Estate made it all worthwhile. Especially at the Leverhulme event, because we shared the day with the Army. Their mock battles display was very nearly upstaged by the pyrotechnics put on by the Northwich Eagles with our lads performing the flying display.

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